[cc-community] on audio content attribution

Fabio Barbon barbonfab at itc.it
Fri Apr 29 09:14:18 EDT 2005

Evan Prodromou wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 10:02 +0200, Fabio Barbon wrote:
>>in particular, to be «fair» this should be 
>>itself audio only (for example via a voice that reads off composer's 
>>name, work title, license adopted (as a jingle?)).
> That would probably make your work unique among every musical recording 
> I've ever heard. That doesn't seem to be "fair" by any standard meaning 
> of the word.

Oops! this seems a mistake due to my terrible english. What I've tried 
to say is that pure aural content attribution information needs 
(compared to any other media type) an extra effort to be acquired. Don't 
  you agree on this?

May be the difference can be better expressed in terms of attribution 
info «avoidability»: for example it's difficult to avoid to know the 
author of a romance, even if I impose myself not to read its name on the 

(a side-note: every musical recording you've ever heard is not extremely 
relevant here, since creative commons licensing could have in the future 
a deep «feedback» impact in the way content is created/motivated, not 
only in how it is used)

>>2. this aural attribution (and licensing) information should be 
>>«embedded» in every execution (even partial or derivative ones) of my work.
> Beethoven doesn't get this kind of attribution. John Coltrane doesn't 
> get this kind of attribution. Why should /you/ get this kind of 
> attribution? 

Both Beethoven and Coltrane don't care anymore about the visibility 
benefits they can obtain out of their work, while most alive musicians 
do, I guess.

> Is your music so amazingly great that people are going to 
> be willing to butcher up their derivative works with attribution info 
> just so they can include your pieces? Because I wouldn't do this for any 
> art piece.

No, it isn't. But I understand your point and agree with it for 
derivative works (not for partial reproductions).

For derivative works there are also banal practical problems: on the 
derivation of a derivation of a derivation of a derivation of a 
derivation of a work the combined aural attribution info would last 
longer than the music itself!


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