[cc-community] on audio content attribution

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Hi. Please note that I'm not a lawyer. 

My very tentative take, without re-reading the license texts carefully, 
is that:

1. You can give attribution to your work aurally. 

2. When creating derivative works, users (licensees) are free to 
make attribution in any way reasonable to the medium. Original attribution 
may be in audio, but derivative audio work may come with a text file in which 
all attributions are made, for example. 

If a derivative work involved people other than the Licensor, and 
attribution to others is given in a textual format, the user (licensee) 
has to give a credit to the Licensor in the textual format. 

When creating a reproduction, users (licensees) have to preserve 
any attribution in the original work. If it is in audio, it will remain so. 

Well, these are very tentative and could well turn out to be incorrect. But 
hopefully it will get the discussion going..



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