[cc-community] Licence issues regarding corporate logos / trademarks contained within photos.

Robert Soros robert at soros.ca
Sat Apr 16 23:49:54 EDT 2005

Greetings, I have a question regarding a collection of digital photos 
that I've made available online and how the creative commons licencing 
might apply (or not.)  The photos in question are close-up shots of golf 
balls with various logos printed on them.   The printed logos are 
generally divided into two categories (corporate trademarks & golf club 
logos.)   I'm concerned that the copyright to these images could/can be 
challenged by the trademark holder, thus any licence I may place the 
photos under might be irrelevant (q: Do I own the copyright to a photo 
that I've taken regardless of it's contents ?  Sounds like a silly 
question but I've seen some very silly things lately.)  Here are two 
examples that I will post for the sake of this list,


I have approximately 800-900 golf balls with similar markings on them 
and would appreciate any feedback about placing them under the creative 
commons licencing.

Good day,
Robert S.

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