Re: [cc-community] CC in another formats, not only html. ¿DocBook?

Luis de la Fuente Valentín lfuente at
Wed Apr 13 05:05:37 EDT 2005

>What kind of content are you writing? What level of school is this? What 
>are you teaching?
The main task consist of ECDL courses 
(, but there are another topics. We 
work for teach Latin American communities.

>I don't suppose that the format would make someone choose the license. 
>But I guess that having it in DocBook probably can't hurt. As long as it 
>doesn't clutter or hide other elements.
I think you are right, nobody will choose the license because of this is 
written in an specified format. However, it is a way to easy the process 
to include the license, so it is a nice added-value.

What can be done to encourage Creative Commons people to write their 
licence into another formats?

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