[cc-community] Documents containing quotes under different licenses.

João Pinheiro MailingLists at JoaoPinheiro.org
Tue Apr 12 20:49:55 EDT 2005

I have recently found myself with a question regarding the workings of 
copyright law when dealing with quoted material.
Imagine a case where someone is working on a document to be released 
under a share-alike license and he wants to quote something from another 
document licensed under a traditional copyright law (all rights 
reserved), which wouldn't allow distribution or derivative works.
Would it be possible to do this? Also, would quoting something from a 
document be considered a derivative or is the quote found under a 
different copyright law from the rest of the document?

A corollary of this would be: if someone wants to quote something from a 
document under a CC license with the No Derivative Works option. Could 
he do that? Or could he release a commercial document containing quotes 
from a CC license with the Non-commercial option?**

Thanks in advance,
João Pinheiro

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