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Justin Morgan feedback at corfizz.com
Wed Apr 6 11:29:04 EDT 2005

This isn't legal advice, of course, but as far as I see it, with regard 
to point 3, the sampling+ license is perhaps not the best for your 
purpose. I would have thought it best to leave the choice of license up 
to each contributor (like Wikimedia Commons), but that could get messy. 
If somebody was making a very low-budget movie, and wanted to use a 
Freesound clip because it was perfect for their purposes, then they'd 
need to get permission because that would be a commercial distribution 
of the entire work. As you say, the prospects for 'mashing'/re-working 
sound clips are less than that for songs.

So I think cc-by or cc-by-sa would be better. If this were the case, 
that movie maker could use it without asking permission, and the 
name/username of the person who contributed the sound to Freesound would 
appear on the credits list. If they needed to change the sound slightly, 
they could do that, and with cc-by-sa they'd need to say that it was 
under the same license. That's how I see it.

This page: http://creativecommons.org/technology/nonweb details tagging 
mp3 and ogg files.

"2. for attribution; how do I supply the users with a way to attribute."
I think there needs to be a place where you can supply your real name 
(if you want to). Maybe each download could be a zipped archive 
containing the sound, a readme/authors text file and the text of the 

I may contribute to Freesound soon; it's a great site.

Bram de Jong - MTG wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a few questions myself regarding freesound:
> 1. how does one show a website which uses two different licenses? I 
> used the <License rdf...> tags to show the *website* as certain 
> content, but the audio files have a different license. How can I 
> -easily- reflect this using the RFD tags?
> 2. for attribution; how do I supply the users with a way to attribute. 
> A user might download 200 samples from 200 users. Does he then have to 
> attribube the online 200 "persona's" (there's no 'actual' names on 
> freesound)? How should this be done? Should I supply the user with 
> auto-generated forms or something which 'attribute'? How do others 
> solve this problem with mixed content (wav/mp3/ogg/aiff => adding 
> 'metadata' to these 4 file-types is hard)?
> 3. What about the sampling-clause in sampling+? The clause makes sense 
> for sites that supply songs, but... The problem with a site with 
> samples is that "the work" *is* the sample. I.e. you use the work in a 
> whole and then reuse it in another work (CC or not) mixed with other 
> works... A bit confusing if you look at the 'sampling+' license. Can 
> someone elaborate.
> 4. about the double-C logo. I've been told I can't use it w/out 
> consent from CreativeCommons. I tried contacting the email addresses 
> on the site 3 times - with no result what so ever. I'm a bit annoyed 
> by this but perhaps someone can help me here?
> thanks a lot,
>  - Bram

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