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Bram de Jong - MTG bdejong at iua.upf.edu
Wed Apr 6 09:58:13 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

Rob Myers wrote:
 >>I don't fully understand the sampling license, or "Sampling plus" for 

I didn't get the original reply (very strange - but I just subscribed), 
so it's hard to reply this email...

 >> First of all, which one gives more rights?
 > 'Sampling Plus: People can take and transform pieces of your work for
 > any purpose other than advertising, which is prohibited.
 > Noncommercial copying and distribution (like file-sharing) of the
 > entire work are also allowed. Hence, "plus".'

short answer: sampling+ gives more rights to the user of the sound.
[ the rest of the questions seem to be answered? ]

  - Bram

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