[cc-community] License compatibility.

Daniel Carrera dcarrera at math.umd.edu
Sun Apr 3 20:36:26 EDT 2005

Mike Linksvayer wrote:

> You mean across jurisdictions, not languages.

Do I? I figured that if you change language you are effectively dealing with 
a different license and have to worry about compatibility.

> Several jurisdictions currently have licenses written in English and two 
> have licenses written in French.

Ok. Different language implise different jurisdiction, but different 
jurisdiction does not imply different language. Right?

> The SA licenses explicity say it is permissible to use the same SA 
> license from another jurisdiction.  Non-SA licenses don't mandate use of 
> any particular license, so there shouldn't be anything stopping you from 
> taking a BY 2.0 work and releasing a derivative under BY-SA 2.0 FR or 
> whatever.

Hhmm... So... in effect, I can grab a work under CC license X from 
jurisdiction Y and move it to license X under jurisdiction Z ?

Another thing, is a license from one jurisdiction, in general, illegal in 
another jurisdiction?

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