[cc-community] Re: CC licenses and "moral rights"

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Fri Apr 1 15:25:00 EST 2005

Greg London wrote:
> And I'm fine that it's outside the scope of
> this list, but that too is separate from
> the validity of the main argument:
> contributers to libre projects ought to have
> a way to waive their moral rights, for the
> good of the community and project as a whole.

I probably agree.

However, waiving moral rights is probably out of scope.  AFAICT not 
being able to waive moral rights is central to the moral rights idea. 
Obtaining the right to waive moral rights would involve court and 
legislative battles.  FLOSS and CC work within existing legal regimes, 
the latter explicitly.

If moral rights really bug you perhaps you should start or work with an 
existing organization that does attempt to challenge and change laws.  I 
note that immoralrights.org is available. :-)

IANAL, not speaking for CC, etc.

   Mike Linksvayer

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