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Greg London wrote:
> Mike, so, I wasn't sure if when you said
> "Your approach is definitely ok."
> if you meant the whole approach outlined above
> by the two links is OK, or just the question about
> having the "this work licensed cc-nc" on a
> separate page is definitely ok.
> I just wanted to confirm that my entire approach is OK
> before I go and release some stuff.

To the extent of my knowledge (which is really small, and means nothing
legally) your example works with 2.0's attribution requirement.

I'll take up your offer right here:

"A Cut and a Dolt"

Tools sit upon the workbench.

Dust floats upon the air.

I picked up a hacksaw

and cut off my arm.

Copyright 2004 Mike Linksvayer
Licensed to the public under

Derived from "Nuts and Bolts"
Copyright 2004 Greg London

Speaking of cutting off limbs, I'd really appreciate if someone could
identify the poem from which this excerpt is taken:

Molly lived in a house of molasses
The walls kept oozing in
Making it difficult to breathe
One day while shaving her legs
Molly cut off her foot and bled to death
People miss Molly
But most are glad to be rid of her

There are some other verses concerning trying to do everything,
swallowing frogs and stuff, none of which I have memorized.

I've posted the thing before, but I don't recall where and Google
doesn't seem to know about it.  Someday someone will stumble over this
archive looking for the same thing.

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   Mike Linksvayer

   Mike Linksvayer

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