[cc-community] URL attribution requirements

Rob Myers robmyers at mac.com
Thu Jul 8 08:59:35 EDT 2004

On Thursday, July 08, 2004, at 01:44PM, Greg London <email at greglondon.com> wrote:

>the work does not have to 'say' it is licensed cc-nc, as far as I can tell.
>I can say that on the attribution/license combo page, and if everyone
>must include the attribution/license URL, everyone will know the work
>is licensed CC-NC.

But since the license URL must be included with (displayed with) the work, including it on the combo page:
a) doesn't do this.
b) licenses the combo page, causing an infinite loop. ;-)

You'd also need a statement saying "The page you have just come from is licensed....". I give it two minutes before someone starts using the combo page as a tarckback URL on Microsoft blogs. ;-)

- Rob.

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