[cc-community] URL attribution requirements

Nathan Jones nathan-cc at optimo.com.au
Wed Jul 7 21:01:01 EDT 2004

Rob Myers wrote:

>I think that that is not the URI for the *work*, that is the URI for
>the *license*, which IIRC they have to include one way or another.

Okay, this is where we look at the interpretation of the requirement that
the licensor convey:

"...the Uniform Resource Identifier, if any, that Licensor specifies
 to be associated with the Work..."

My thought was that the URI of my work would be http://.../story.html,
which would in turn refer to the licence URI:

by Nathan Jones

(body of content)

(c) 2004 Nathan Jones
Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License:

Should the licensor convey "http://.../story.html", or the URI of the
licence itself?

I guess one could argue that I haven't explicitly specified a URI to be
associated with the work. How should I do this?

Nathan Jones

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