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Evan Prodromou evan at wikitravel.org
Tue Jul 6 11:38:53 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 11:19, Greg London wrote:
> Because it would seem a little top heavy to have a one-page poem
> or a three page short story with two or three pages of legalese,
> especially if someone wants to print it out or something where
> form (and format) is as important as function.

Oh, absolutely. Then again, legalese-wise, all you really need is your
name and the URL of the license (like
"http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0"), which is pretty short
and sweet. You can throw in a copyright notice, too, if you want.

        Copyright 2004 Evan Prodromou. This poem is available under the
        Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license
> I include the GNU-GPL license in my perl book because the book is
> 130 pages long. A few pages of a license is not a big deal.

It's also required, I believe.

> Yes, I'm trying to get my URL spread around, and my name, and the title
> of my work. That's what "attribution" is all about, isn't it? to be
> "attributed" for my writing? If you're suggesting I should be giving
> my works anonymously, you should be stumping for the GNU-GPL with no
> invariant sections, which I used to license my perl book.
> the only thing you have to keep intact is the copyright notice
> with my name on it, and the way I understand it, that notice can be
> buried in the text by someone else if they want to.

I'm not saying that you should make your works available anonymously.
I'm just saying that you don't need a linkback URL to do that. I'm also
saying that licensees don't have to include your URL if it doesn't
include licensing info. From Attribution 2.0, section 4b:

        You must keep intact all copyright notices for the Work and give
        the Original Author credit reasonable to the medium or means You
        are utilizing by conveying [...] to the extent reasonably
        practicable, the Uniform Resource Identifier, if any, that
        Licensor specifies to be associated with the Work, unless such
        URI does not refer to the copyright notice or licensing
        information for the Work

So if you want to use linkback URLs, you should have them point to the
copyright notice or license information. Otherwise, people aren't
obligated to keep the linkback URLs in.

> If no other solution is possible, what I might do is use a URL
> like http://www.greglondon.com/nc
> then I'll put the copyright notices and licenses for all my CC-NC
> works here. The URL will still be relatively short, and I can have
> the full license text, the full copyright notice, and the title for
> each work that is CC-NC.

That seems like a good idea. I wouldn't bother with the full license
text, myself, but that's up to you.

> And I'd rather do that
> than have some hostile reaction that interprets the license
> differently and takes it upon themselves to drop attribution
> requirements for my work.

Nobody's being hostile, Greg. You asked for help, and you're getting
responses. Take them in the same helpful spirit they're given in.


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