[cc-community] URL attribution requirements

Evan Prodromou evan at wikitravel.org
Tue Jul 6 10:21:07 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 00:21, Greg London wrote:

> Hm, what if my front page had a link titled
> "Copyright Notices and Licensing Information"
> You click on it and it takes you to the /licenses/ subdirectory?
> The "attribution" URL could be www.greglondon.com
> which would then have the link "copyright notices ...",
> which takes you to the actual notices and licenses.
> I'm not sure if this redirection would qualify for attribution,
> or if "refer to" is strictly taken to mean
> "points to the actual notice/license, not a link to that info"

So, this is what I'd think if you put your home page, not a license
page, as the linkback URL: "This guy is just trying to get his URL
spread around. I'm not obligated to do that. All I have to do is spread
around the license and copyright URL, which he hasn't provided."

So, y'know, can't you just keep some _unlinked_ directory for linkback
stuff? Or, even better, just put your license and copyright information
into the work itself?

Why do you even need a linkback URL for a written text? I thought the
whole point of using those was for metadata blocks with limited size,
like ID3.


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