[cc-community] URL attribution requirements

James Grimmelmann james.grimmelmann at yale.edu
Mon Jul 5 17:22:35 EDT 2004

At 01:04 PM 7/4/2004, Greg London wrote:
>So, I'm looking to license some stuff CC-NC
>One final perusal of the license had this caveat about
>requiring URL's for attribution in derived works
> > unless such URI does not refer to the copyright notice
> > or licensing information for the Work;

>Is there a way to have the URL attribution point to my main page,
>without cluttering up my front page with notices or locking my webpage design
>into some permanent directory structure, and still satisfy the requirement
>that the URL "refer to the copyright notice or licensing information for
>the Work"?

You could create a directory, say
in which each page redirects to the actual license information, so that
takes the viewer to
You could do the same thing about eight zillion ways

You could, if you plan to reuse licenses, create pages that list everything 
you're licensing under the same license.  For example,
could say that The Battle of Marathon is (c) and (cc-nc), that The Battle 
of Schmarathon is (c) and (cc-nc), that The Schmattle of Marathoo is (c) 
and (cc-nc), and that The Battle of Marathon (Shallow Space Remix) is (c) 
and (cc-nc) in both the composition and the sound recording.

I know that neither of these is quite what you asked, but they both seem 
like reasonable pragmatic solutions.  As for string length, one of the 
URL-compression services could help, although that creates the risk of 
dropping the attribution requirement if the service you're using dies.

Objections to these suggestions welcome.

NOT a lawyer
NOT speaking for Creative Commons

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