[cc-community] Announce: Free Content Fiction Site

bindej at rpi.edu bindej at rpi.edu
Sat Jul 3 18:22:30 EDT 2004


I'm starting a Web site, indyfiction.org, for quality online fiction
published under Creative Commons licenses.

The goal is to give stories more widespread exposure than those posted
to a personal site or blog.  A single site with stories from many
authors can (I hope) make more of an impact than a site with only a
few stories from a single author.

A prototype of the site (which may be used as the final version) is up
and running on a modified version of Scoop (the software behind
kuro5hin.org).  The software's critique/voting system will be used to
determine what stories eventually get published.

Before I start publicizing the site, I'd like to get it going a little
more, with participation from other writers besides myself.

The site could also use some beta-testing, especially in the user
interface department, where I did the most tweaking.

So, if you're a fiction writer, or a reader who can do critiques, and
you're interested in this site, check it out.  If it doesn't work out,
you can always put your stories somewhere else.  And if it does, well,
you'll get some good exposure, and a low user number :) .

Jeff Binder

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