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Mika Martini mikamartini en yahoo.com
Vie Feb 13 09:09:07 EST 2009

Estimados, abajo va correo con un estudio mundial sobre los netlabel, analizando 337 casos, 4 de Chile. Publicado bajo CC.

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--- El vie 13-feb-09, Patryk Galuszka <patrykgaluszka en gmail.com> escribió:

De: Patryk Galuszka <patrykgaluszka en gmail.com>
Asunto: netlabels - research results
A: "patrykgaluszka en gmail.com" <patrykgaluszka en gmail.com>
Fecha: viernes, 13 febrero, 2009, 9:35 am

Dear netlabel owner,
I am writing to you because a few weeks ago you took part in the Max Planck
Institute research on netlabels. Yesterday I published the first results of my
study. If you want to learn more read article in Phlow Magazie:
http://tnij.to/netlabels (if the link does not work, use this one:

For more information about my research visit my blog: http://pga.blox.pl (short
English version: http://pga.blox.pl/strony/english.html). Results of the
research are published under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share
Alike 3.0 Unported license - feel free to redistribute it.

Finally, a few words about the second part of my research. Please feel free to
write me an email if you have some interesting stories to share, for example:
"How did you become interested in netlabels?"
"Why did you start your own netlabel?"
"What do you want to achieve with your netlabel?"

I'll will be happy to read your emails or hear your stories via Skype. One
day I hope to write an academic book about netaudio.

Thanks for all the help and good luck with your releases in the future.
all the best,
Patryk Galuszka


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