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Roger Levy (http://www.kulturtv.ch/) for one!

http://restorm.com/ certainly features many Swiss musicians. Philippe
can probably give you a URL, where you can filter by license.

Or did you mean specifically graphic artists or painters by "artists"?

Olivia Heussler (http://www.clic.li/) publishes her photographs under
CC. (Can't find it on her home page. But am sure, she announced it.
Maybe mail her ...)

Anne Smith publishes her paintings
http://www.enterag.ch/anne/en/gallery.xhtml?year=2008&painting=0 under
CC-BY (http://www.enterag.ch/anne/en/copyright.xhtml).
In the case of oil paintings the CC license mainly refers to the
digital version published here.

(Somehow CC licenses are less easy to apply to the originals. Copying
tends to mean something slightly different. But is certainly
permitted, if it is permitted for the digital photos of the


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Does anyone know Swiss artists using Creative Commons license to share
their work ?


Best regards,

Raphaël Grolimund


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