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Dear members,

Interested in the Creative Commons licenses and willing to use them, I want to understand the mecanisms to use them as well as possible. In order to do that, I checked the use cases on the CC website. But some questions remain.

* One use case (http://wiki.creativecommons.org/SGAE_v._Fernandez) made me wonder how you can attribute the music you play, e.g. in a bar, to the artists or bands who released the songs under liecense CC (like it seems to be in the given use case) ? How can people who listen to the music know who's the artist they are earing ?

* My second question is related to the CC-BY-NC license. I understand that advertisement is considered as a commercial us.
But what if a picture is used for an advertisement for a non-profit organisation with ROI or any financial income, is it still considered as a commercial use ?

* My last question is about law suits in Switzerland. They are uses cases around the world, but I didn't find any case in Switzerland involving Creative Commons license.
Do you have any information about such a case ?

Thanks for any information/answer you could give me.

Best regards,

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