[Cc-ch] Final Licence?

Christian Laux christian.laux at openlaw.ch
Fri Nov 10 09:24:06 EST 2006

Hey all,  

thank you, Hans, for your message and your interest.  I welcome your message
as an occasion to inform about the translation process.

In June 2006, we had another meeting with one of the Swiss Collecting
Societies (Pro Litteris).  We received valuable comments which we took into
consideration for our translation of the Creative Commons Licenses.

We are now preparing the XHTML code for the German version of the license.
We will post a message as soon as we may announce the forthcoming of the
translation for Switzerland.

Another question possibly of general interest on this list concerns the
other national languages.  We chose the strategy to finish the translation
in German before tackling the translations into the other languages.  Once
the german version is ready the other translations should be easy to

Perhaps there are comments on this list as to which other languages the
Swiss licenses should be translated to.  I do not doubt that there is a need
for translations into French and Italian.  However, we ask ourselves whether
we should think of having a license in Rumantsch, too.

Anyone interested in the translation process of the other versions for
Switzerland is welcome to contact us.

Am 6.11.2006 5:51 Uhr schrieb "Hans Salvisberg" unter
<cc_ch at salvisberg.com>:

> Dear Christian,
> You wrote half a year ago:
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: [Cc-ch] Final Licence?
> Date: Sun Mar 12 16:42:37 EST 2006
> From: Christian Laux
>> Thank you for your postings.  We just sent the final draft to Creative
>> Commons International.  We will keep you informed about the further
>> development as soon as we can reliably predict the availability of the Swiss
>> License text.
> Is there any news yet? I'm very interested in this project...
> Thanks!
> Best regards,
> Hans Salvisberg
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