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jl @ cc jl at creativecommons.pl
Mon Jul 18 12:15:18 EDT 2005

Richard M. Stallman wrote:

> Alas, I see no sign that things will change.

Hi all

As a part of CC Poland i'm rising problems described in a parent post 
since the very begining of our CC branch. Concentration on author gain 
from sharing, and not freedom; no clear policy; making too much 
licenses incompatible with each other - all that seems to be 
interconnected, since it's basic values what drives the project.

I don't think we are doing a good job in CC. Lack of clear message makes 
people believing, that even very restrictive CC licenses (like NC/ND) 
are OK. They feel they are freedom fighters, but they are not.

So - maybe it's a time to create some other organisation or special 
division within CC devoted explicitly to freedom of the culture?

This may help with such tasks as making some CC licenses GPL compatible, 
promoting free licenses and making moral issues a central question of 
all our movement.

Jaroslaw Lipszyc

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