[Cc-ch] welcome and guidelines for discussion

Christiane Asschenfeldt christiane at creativecommons.org
Wed Feb 2 09:39:21 EST 2005

Welcome to the discussion of the Creative Commons licenses in 
It is my great pleasure to present to you Dr. Mike Widmer and
Dr. Christian Laux, our project leads.

I would appreciate it, if you took the time to read the following
suggestions for the use of the mailing list.
They have proven valuable in other Creative Commons countries.

1) We suggest you bookmark important emails for future reference.
For example:


is the first draft of the translation/adaptation.
You will most likely return to it often, as it is the centerpiece of the
Please bookmark it now for efficiency.


is the re-translation of the license plus the explanation of what
legal changes were made. It may prove useful to bookmark this, too.

2) Please try and keep your emails relatively short and limited to one
subject per email.
This will prevent others from being overwhelmed, and will help
to catch up on discussions they may have missed. This approach provides
the additional benefit that you will be able to link back to previous
emails by subject very easily (as demonstrated above).

3)  Please limit your suggestions and comments to things that will help
the licenses fit into Swiss law.
The role of the discussion is not to second-guess
either Creative Commons' general policy or the philosophy reflected in 
It's aim is to change the licenses the least amount possible to make it
concord with Swiss law.
Suggestions that go beyond this goal will most likely not
affect the final license.

The first line of judgment on what changes are accepted is Dr. Mike 
and Dr. Christian Laux's.
The final judgment is Creative Commons' and will be reached with
Dr. Mike Widmer and Dr. Christian Laux's help.

4) Please feel free to ask general question about the licenses in the
cc-licenses mailing list.
Part of the fun of this discussion will be, I hope, that we
get to compare the quirks and eccentricities of our respective nations'
copyright laws.
I expect the archived discussions to serve as a history of this
That way, your input will continue to be useful to anyone from any
country even after the discussion in Switzerland is completed.

I hope that these suggestions will help to make the discussion free and
healthy, yet focused on suggested changes to the licenses.

Thank you very much. It's now Dr. Mike Widmer and Dr. Christian Laux's
discussion to lead,
all the best,

Christiane Asschenfeldt
International Commons Coordinator
Gipsstrasse 12
D-10119 Berlin, Germany

christiane at creativecommons.org

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