[cc-br] Creative Commons License Flaws Claimed

Omar Kaminski omar at kaminski.com
Wed Jan 9 04:47:20 EST 2008


"Dan Heller, in a series of three articles, claims to have found a number of 
problems with the Creative Commons license, particularly within the realm of 
photography. In the first article [1] he states there is a problem with 
people relicensing copyrighted work under the CC license and having 
subsequent users of that copyrighted work sued by the original owner. In the 
second article [2] he fleshes out these ideas and states that there is an 
increased risk of being sued if you use a CC license. Finally, in the third 
article [3], he states that people can 'game the CC license' for profit, by 
suing people who use your CC'd work which you have subsequently revoked from 
the CC license. This series of blogs has generated a fair amount of 
discussion on several photography forums, and I would like for the Slashdot 
community to clarify matters."


[2] http://www.danheller.com/blog/posts/follow-up-creative-commons-and.html

[3] http://danheller.blogspot.com/


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