[cc-br] RIAA / royalties / internet radio

Hudson Lacerda hfml at brfree.com.br
Wed May 9 00:00:35 EDT 2007

Mais um caso algo similar ao de Salamanca: RIAA quer coletar royalties 
de rádio-internet, mesmo sobre obras musicais licenciadas sem ônus.

Is the RIAA Pulling a Scam on the Music Industry?

Richard Stallman:
The RIAA claims to collect royalties from Internet radio on behalf of 
musicians, but that is a lie. The fact is, the RIAA (acting for the big 
record companies) demands payment even if the musicians have said their 
recording is freely sharable. And the musicians don't get this payment 
unless they join the RIAA -- and give an impression of supporting it.

This law is one more illustration of how the US government takes the 
side of big business over and against US citizens.

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