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*sea.sound project*

a project of collaborative, intermedia and multimedia art

*sea.sound* project has begun in 2004, the first presentation was live, at
FAU_USP, São Paulo Architecture and Urbanism University, after a discussion
about the new paths of art, with voices from people all around  the world
saying the poem in they original language, collected by intermedia and
manipulated live with image projections by VJ and public participation at

For this new phase of the project we propose a cybernetic installation,
automatized, independent, described as follow. It will be also constructed a
website in which the project will be presented and where will be possible to
send files through internet to the databank of the project.

(remark here its just a proposal, for the moment what we can do is the same
kind of presentation we made already, we need equipment and time to prepare
this new presentation)


The installation *sea.sound* is a poem that rises from the words

----------------------------there is a sea inside

Those words, spoken by various people from various places, in different
languages, are the waves that will produce an ocean of voices, through the
overlaying of those sounds with the sound of sea, available at the data

The set generates a sensation of space into a closed ambient, where the
public will circulate. The movement of them will determinate the amount of
sound waves to be trigged.

The public, more important variable of this work, will be able to send the
recording of the voices of them to integrate the databank through internet,
as also make the recording via microphone at the installation itself.

The installation will have space on a room by 6x6 meters. One grid of 9
sensors, at each 1.5 meters, will be connected via midi to 8 amplified boxes
distributed through the walls and ceiling. Algorithms will be created so
there will be an interaction between the sensors and the sound boxes, what
will generate an octaphonic system started through the public movement and
the consequent movement caption and the sea of voices propagation.

The sentence spoken at microphone will be heard at real time and also will
be recorded and become part of the data bank.

The sound waves of voices as the sounds of real sea will be determinate in a
random and interactive scheme.

It will also be necessary to construct a website, in which the project will
be presented and where it would be possible to send files though internet to
the databank.

To this installation we have then 3 ways of interactivity of the public with
it, by movement and presence, by sonority at microphone, and through


we are willing to know if you would be interested to colaborate and support
us on this project

we can get in touch by this email sea.sound at gmail.com
or by msn kikijaguaribeekman at hotmail.com

also we would like to know if this project fits the artists of the ocena
project you are rulling.

attached to this file there are pictures of the first presentation in 2004,
more images and sounds at http://seasound.multtiply.com

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