[cc-br] Against DRM 1.0

Max Brown max05001 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 29 10:53:28 EDT 2006

   Who can translate this license in portuguese??
  Against DRM 1.0 is a free copyleft license for artworks.
  It contains two important clauses: a clause about related rights and a clause against DRM (Digital Rights Management).
  The first clause authorizes licensee to exercise related rights: on the basis of the copyleft clause, performers cannot exercise reserved rights concerning their performances of the work; producers of phonograms cannot exercise reserved rights concerning the phonograms in which they fix the work; broadcasting organizations cannot exercise reserved rights concerning broadcastings of the work.
   The second clause prevents the use of DRM to protect the work: if licensor uses DRM, the license is not applicable to the work; if licensee uses DRM, license is automatically  void.
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