[cc-br] Red Hat Supports Creative Commons

Omar Kaminski kaminski at fgv.br
Sat Dec 10 13:22:10 EST 2005


Red Hat Supports Creative Commons

Thanks to the Internet, it's now possible to distribute high-quality 
creative works all over the world. It's also possible for creators to work 
collaboratively, globally, in a decentralized way, and at comparatively low 

The mission of Creative Commons is to provide content creators and licensors 
with a simple way to say what freedoms they want their creative work to 
carry. This in turn makes it easy to share or build upon creative work.

Red Hat supports Creative Commons in their mission. Creative Commons is in 
the midst of a year-end fund drive, and Red Hat has established a matching 
program to help them meet their goal. If you donate to Creative Commons, Red 
Hat will match your donation dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $5000 
total for all donations.

Please help Creative Commons in their important mission. Donate now 

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