[cc-br] A word from your moderator

Omar Kaminski omar at kaminski.adv.br
Mon Jun 2 16:36:56 EDT 2003

Dear Julian,

1-) ...

3-) Since most of us are brazilians, I think we could express better in
portuguese, since we'll talk about legal topics, terms and agreements, which
were wrote originally in portuguese. The real meaning could be lost in the


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> Greetings, all:
> Welcome, once again, to the cc-br mailing list. As project lead (pro
> tempore) for Creative Commons Brazil, I look forward to helping make this
> list the central forum for discussing -- and collaborating on -- the
> of the Creative Commons licenses into the Brazilian legal system.
> I'm also excited to hear that some of you have already begun working
> together on this project, and I don't want to disrupt any conversations in
> progress. But if it wouldn't be too awkward to move those conversations
> here where the rest of us can benefit from them, by all means please do
> And now, two more requests, and a question:
> 1. Can we hear from those of you who haven't yet introduced yourselves? No
> elaborate commentary required (though you're welcome to get as elaborate
> you'd like). Just a quick introduction.
> 2. Can one (or more) of you who will be attending the meeting at Gilberto
> Gil's house in Rio this afternoon volunteer to take notes and give us a
> report?
> 3. The question: What are your thoughts on the appropriate language for
> list? English or Portuguese? (Keep in mind that I can read Portuguese just
> fine [and write it if I have to].)
> Julian
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