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Dear all, 

We agree that this is certainly an important step and an historical moment 
for Brazilian Culture. 

So far, within a small group (me, Mrs. Carolina Rossini, Mr. Guilherme 
Carboni and Mr. Omar Kaminski), we have started some work and discussions 
in order to port the CC licenses to Brazilian legal system. 

We have been dealing specifically with potential aspects of the Brazilian 
legislation that could hinder the full enforceability of the CC licenses 
(such as the fact that moral rights cannot be waived, or license 
limitations in the Brazilian legal context, which could difficult a 
'share-alike' license, for instance). We have also been considering that 
it could be helpful for the context to present a bill of law with some 
amendments to Brazilian actual legislation on Copyrights (Law 9610/98).

Also, we have been working on a translation of the licenses, which could 
speed up our discussions and the implementation of open content 
initiatives in Brazil

Further to that, we would be glad to join you in the discussions for the 
Canto Livre project, and we remain available to provide you any necessary 
assistance. As regards the meeting scheduled for today, I will try my best 
to participate in person, though this might not be feasible due to my 
professional commitments. In any case, we would be happy to participate by 
means of a Conference Call, if possible. 

We can be reached through Carolina Rossini's phone (11-5509 0444), which 
is able to join further calls and therefore connect me and Mr. Kaminski in 
the conversation. Please inform whether this is feasible for you. 

Omar Kaminski can also be reached at the phone (41 323-4522); my phone 
contact, at work, is (11 3291-1573). 

We are really eager to help and participate in this project.

Best regards,

Guilherme de Almeida 
(speaking also on behalf of Guilherme Carboni, Carolina Rossini, and Omar 
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        Subject:        Meeting with The Ministro Tomorrow

Dear Friends,

I just got back from an encounter with Sweet Gil in São Conrado and 
he has agreed to meet with all of us tomorrow afternoon at 5:30. 
(Unfortunately, I may not be there myself, since I have a flight that 
leaves at 7:15, but I'm working on changing that...)

We discussed Canta Livre, or whatever it ends up being called, and he 
seems very much on board, pending our sorting out the necessary 
structural pieces (particularly the legal ones).

This is starting to feel pretty real to me.

In any event, the meeting will take place in his office in São 
Conrado at 5:30. The address is Strada da Gavia, 135. If you have a 
problem, the number there is 3323-1600.

You can also call me for further details on the cell phone below.

Anyway, let me know if you can't make it. I hope you'll be there. 
This could be an historic moment in Brazil.



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anything can.

-- Thomas Merton

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