[Cc-bizcom] Introducing flexible copyright licensing

Marshall Van Alstyne marshall at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 14 20:27:56 EDT 2004

Greetings, I'd like to announce the formation of a new discussion group on 
Creative Commons.

The goal is to develop a new form of hybrid commercial / non-commercial 
license for various kinds of intellectual property with particular emphasis 
on software.  We hope to combine the best of open source and proprietary 
models.  In so doing, we'll explore questions like:

         Can we create the greatest social welfare and the greatest 
         Can we simultaneously benefit businesses, developers, and end 
users over the long run?
         Can we build models of the process of software growth and diffusion?

This group will represent a forum for lively discussion and will be charged 
with creating such a license.  More than just a set of interesting debates, 
we'll also try to build models of the processes of software growth and 
diffusion.  Thus the process of license design itself should become a kind 
of recursive open science.

To get things started, we've placed a 1 page Overview of a proposal and a 
longer Précis or description of economic tradeoffs at < 
 >. The new topic will be the "creative commonwealth" to capture the idea 
that creative innovation, sharing, and property rights need not be mutually 
exclusive.  It will be reachable at cc-bizcom at lists.ibiblio.org .   We look 
forward to hearing from you.

Marshall Van Alstyne
Associate Professor of Information Economics, Boston University
Visiting Associate Professor MIT Center for E-Business
Co-chair of Licensing Working Group, Open Process Handbook Initiative 
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