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Bruno De Bondt bruno at indymedia.be
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Hello list,

The people of Fosdem, the yearly Free & Open Source Software Meeting
held in Brussels, are considering playing CC licensed music in between

Appearantly, they would need to pay Sabam even if the music they play is
strictly CC licensed. Is this correct? Or does it only matter for
artists who are a member of Sabam?

-- bruno
bruno at indymedia.be

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Pascal Bleser wrote:
> But it's just an idea, really. What do you think ?

A legal/financial remark:
You may think it's crazy, but even if we use Creative Commons or similar 
music, we'll still have to pay the bastards of the 'Billijke Vergoeding':

http://www.debillijkevergoeding.be (down for the moment)
http://www.unizo.be/viewobj.jsp?article=10014 (dutch)
http://www.chiro.be/artikel.php?id=672 (dutch)

In short: Sabam needs to be payed for composer/author royalties (does 
not apply here), De billijke vergoeding has to be payed for the performance.

I've had a quite unpleasant e-mail correspondance with them a couple of 
years ago about a similar situation.


Jan-Frederik Martens
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