[Cc-be] Cancel authors rights organisation membership ?

Stefan Kolgen stefan at chipsvzw.be
Mon Mar 7 09:26:46 EST 2005

You cut my sentence in half, delivering comment on its parts...

The contradictions is in the fact this person first tried to lock down 
his rights, making copyright even more rigid than it is allready,
and afterwards he seems a bit surprised that Sabam isn't that 
cooperative in giving the author the choice to select his rights more 
freely for every individual work.

You're absolutly right about this:
> I would also seriously consider applying for SABAM membership IF (!) 
> as a member, I could still publish my music under Creative Commons 
> licenses.

I would too. But that isn't the case.
At least as long as creative people are signing petitions for more and 
rigid 'classical' copyright protection that is.

Stefan K.

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