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Cornelia Kutterer cornelia.kutterer at beuc.org
Wed Aug 24 01:33:29 EDT 2005

Dear all,

I work for BEUC the European Consumer Organisation and we will soon launch a campaign on the challenges for consumers in the digital environment. cc also plays a role in this initiative. I am now looking for peole who would be willing to be interviewed (a couple of minutes) on 5th or 6th September in Brussels in their role as users of the Internet, listner of music or readers of e-books, users of MP3 players etc eventually as users of cc ..... ......The interview can take place either  in French or English.
Would there be any volunteers? It would be great if you could participate!! The more the better.....
In that case, pls contact me to get more info details
Cornelia Kutterer
Senior Legal Advisor

BEUC The European Consumers' Organisation
Avenue de Tervuren, 36 Bte 4
B - 1040 Brussels
Tel: 02 - 740 28 10
E-mail: cornelia.kutterer at beuc.org
Website: http://www.beuc.org

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