[Cc-be] Counterfeit for private purpose

Wouter Vanden hove wouter.vanden.hove at telenet.be
Fri Apr 29 09:18:28 EDT 2005

nicolas maleve wrote:
> As for Belgium, I only know cases where uploaders have been brought to
> court. But in France, the cases against downloaders have already started
> last winter. And the accusation was based on the fact that a file
> downloaded from an illegal source was a counterfeit(contrefaçon?). 

this brings up a new question, since the home-user creates the 
counterfeit himself for his own private purpose.

Is one allowed to counterfeit a product,
to create a look-alike, for his own personal purposes (no distribution, 
no commercialism)?

For example create a look-alike Armani suite and to wear it yourself?
Or make a food-product at home that tastes exactly as a product of a 
certain brand.

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