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Fri Apr 29 14:00:44 EDT 2005

Op Thursday, April 28, 2005, 8:18:55 PM, BeMol! wrote:

> As far as i know, illegal dowloading does not exist yet. It is the uploading
> (communication to the public) which is illegal.
> If anyone thinks this is wrong, please let me know.

laws are quite complicated.

In the matter of downloading one has not only the laws on copyright
and intellectual property, but also the law(s) on computercrime and
'normal laws' (in Dutch: strafrecht - I don't know the correct terms
in English).

So, I would not be to sure of myself:
somewhere out there is a law forbidding the downloading of illegal
uploaded songs.

I am acting completely different:
If I have a problem with the ethics of chiquita, I don't steal
chiquita-banana's, I buy fair trade banana's. Because by stealing
chiquita's I confirm that I want their products.

The day artists notice that their songs are not even stolen, they
should start asking some questions.

Marcel Vander Mierde

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