[Cc-be] Re: Auvibel tax and SABAM-affiliated artists

Ann Kermans ake at kamer.cdenv.be
Tue Apr 26 04:11:02 EDT 2005

Hello Marcel,

not that I'm such a big supporter of SABAM.. But a band has to do something
to get the money. A metalband that I used to do some managing for filled in
the SABAM-papers nicely everytime they played.. It's simple, you only have
to fill in which songs were played and at the end of the year.. Ping! Money!
They got about 1200 euros yearly if I remember correctly..
A lot of bands think the money just automatically comes to them.. SABAM has
to know how many times the music is performed or played in order to get the
right amount of money to the artists..
About SABAM itself.. To my opinion things go wrong because of the
decentralisation of the organisation.. Local offices each have their own
ways of thinking and they mix up dossiers the whole time..

Ann Kermans
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