[Cc-be] Auvibel tax and SABAM-affiliated artists

BeMol!- Marcel Vander Mierde marcel at bemol.be
Sun Apr 24 13:04:35 EDT 2005

Hello folks,
in order to prepare myself as thouroughly as possible for this debate
on tuesday, I would like to know if that what some friends-musicians
have told me is correct.
They are SABAM-affiliated (I am trying to persuade them to pass to the
CC-license) but have never seen a penny (cent) from SABAM.

Because this auvibel-tax has payed to SABAM
in 2002 : 1.5 million Euro
in 2003 : 2 million Euro
and (once this tax will be agreed on computers) we expect an increase
to (according the adopted percentage) about 20 to 40 million Euro a
year, we would like to know if there are any other artists who have
never seen a penny from SABAM.

We could use this argument in the debate in favor of the CC-licensed

Marcel Vander Mierde

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