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BeMol!- Marcel Vander Mierde marcel at bemol.be
Sun Apr 24 10:31:18 EDT 2005

Hi folks,
I'm new to this list, so if I should violate to any of the common
practices, please let me know it.

First a little introduction:
My name is Marcel (Vander Mierde) and I am a music lover. But I do
have my problems with the businessmodel of the phonographic industry.

I have been chairman of TIK vzw (formerly known as 'Pandora user
Base') and now acting more active on the plan of legal downloading.

As a still active member of TIK-vzw, I am one of the people behind the
online petition on geenpctaks.be against the new belgian law on
copyright (due to the EU-directive) because I believed (and still do)
that this new law gives more power to the phonographic industry to
fight against free music.

In this behalf, I started (with help from TIK vzw and ISOC Belgium) a
new initiative to promote Belgian Music online.

So now I am looking for people (artists, lawyers, webbuilders,
databasedevelopers, other music lovers, ...) who could help me on this

Everyone who would like to help, or knowing someone who might help me
working this out, can contact me on the coordinates in my signature.

on tuesday I will be on television (ombudsman at één) debating about
the initiative http://www.geenpctaks.be/

met vriendelijke groetjes,
Marcel Vander Mierde

BeMol! - Belgian Music online!

mail: marcel at bemol.be
mobile: 0484 17 85 91

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