[Cc-be] Belgian license and launch event

Severine Dusollier severine.dusollier at fundp.ac.be
Mon Oct 25 05:27:35 EDT 2004

Thanks to all of you who have showed interest in the discussion on 
the Belgium CC and welcome in that discussion list.

I am the leader of the Creative Commons project in Belgium and the 
CRID (University of Namur), in which I am working, has translated the 
CC licence into French. Melamnie Carly, from the KUL has carried out 
the translation into Dutch.

I'd like to make some clarifications.

Due to a technical problem at CC staff, the licenses that have been 
posted on the Belgium website, are not the definitive ones. We are 
still waiting for the definitive licences, including the Dutch one, 
to be put on line by CC staff. Meanwhile, please don't download those 
licences. We will really start the discussion once the definitive 
texts are available to you.
Philippe Laurent, Melanie Carly and myself, who have been in charge 
of the translation, will be then happy to read your comments and to 
answer to your questions. The goal is to make those licences as good 
as possible.

As to the launch event, the CRID and the KUL are organising it with 
the collaboration of Constant vzw (www.constantvzw.com) and the IAK / 
IBK - Digitaal platform. Note that it will take place in Brussels, on 
December 10th, 2004. The date has been chosen as to include the event 
in the Jonctions / Verbindingen festival, organised by Constant, 
whose theme this year is precisely the copyleft movement and licences.
We will post more details on that launch event very soon.

I also would like to encourage everyone in that list to post her / 
his comments in her /his own language (French, Dutch or English). The 
discussion has started in English, which explains the language I have 
used, but at Belgium CC, we would like to keep it as multicultural as 
Belgium is.

Thank you


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