[cc-au] Through the Clock's Workings - Remix My Lit's first publication live!

Jessica Coates j2.coates at qut.edu.au
Tue Jun 16 04:42:49 EDT 2009

It's official - Remix My Lit<http://www.remixmylit.com/> has released it's first publication: Through the Clock's Workings<http://www.remixmylit.com/anthology/>.

Those who have been following our blog will remember the beautifully simplistic premise of the Australia Council<http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/> funded Remix My Lit project - take stories from 9 prominent Australian authors, release them for remixing under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence<http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/au/>, and see what happens.

Through the Clock's Workings gives us a taste of the result. Published by the Sydney University Press<http://www.sup.usyd.edu.au/>, this anthology brings together the original 9 stories - from authors such as James Phelan<http://www.jamesphelan.com.au/>, Cate Kennedy<http://www.scribepublications.com.au/author/catekennedy> and Kim Wilkins<http://fantasticthoughts.wordpress.com/> - with 13 of the best remixes. The remixes have a wide range of pedigrees - from masterclasses at writers festivals, writing jams at pubs, random site uploads. And the diversity is great - there are poems, abridgements, gender switches, complete re-imaginings. Even the cover of the the book you can see above is a remix of the stories by the excellent artist Ali J<http://www.alijart.com/>.

And of course, thanks to the CC licence, the whole book is available for remixing too - the original stories, the remixes, even the fonts are free for reuse. It's all part of the ongoing conversation between author and reader, creator and, well, creator.

You can buy a hardcopy<http://purl.library.usyd.edu.au/sup/9781920899325> of the anthology now from the Sydney University Press eStore<http://www.sup.usyd.edu.au/> - it makes a great present and has a fabulous cover. Or if you're comfy with reading from screens download the electronic version<http://www.remixmylit.com/wp-content/pdf/Through-the-Clocks-Workings-EBook.pdf>.

And remember, the anthology is just part of the story. Dozens more remixes are available on the Remix My Lit website<http://www.remixmylit.com/>, and (with any luck) more will continue to be added over the years). So why not continue the conversation and try some remixing yourself?

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