[cc-au] FW: Invitation to Join a New Commons

Jessica Coates j2.coates at qut.edu.au
Mon May 12 01:15:50 EDT 2008

Hey all - people on these lists might be interested in the post below.

 > Come Visit the New, Expanded OntheCommons.org website!
 > For more than three years OntheCommons.org has been a pioneering
source of news,
 > information and commentary about anything having to do with the
commons.  Now,
 > after a lengthy retooling process, we are thrilled to launch a
greatly improved
 > version of the website.  Starting today OntheCommons.org has a dramatic look,
 > many new editorial features and plentiful opportunities for your
 > http://www.onthecommons.org/
 > Since you are a registered user we would like to invite you to be among the
 > first to check out the new site.  Read the blog posts, essays, news
and profiles
 > of fellow commoners. Upload information about yourself in a Facebook-like
 > profile.  Submit ideas and entries of your own.  And help us make
 > OntheCommons.org a truly participatory commons.
 > Logging In
 > As a returning user from the previous OntheCommons.org website, you should be
 > able to immediately log in using the green Participate menu at the top right
 > corner of any page.  Enter your email address in the first box and
old password
 > in the next box.  If you have forgotten your password, enter your
email address,
 > request a new password, and follow the instructions.  If you have a different
 > email address since you first registered, or can't remember ever registering
 > simply follow the instructions for new registration.  If there is
any problem,
 > reply to this email and explain the issue.  We will help you right away.
 > We are hoping that OntheCommons.org will be not only a source of useful
 > information, but also an irresistible place for commoners to hang
out with each
 > other, instigate new initiatives and advance the commons on many fronts.
 > However, first we need to get to know each other better.  We hope you will be
 > more than a guest.  We hope you will register, contribute content and return
 > again and again. The new site lets you create your own profile-a key function
 > for other commoners who share a particular interest to locate you and your
 > contributions.  Our new "topic and tag system" will help everyone navigate,
 > search and find highly specialized subjects.
 > We are also proud to offer several new editorial features.  They
include Commons
 > Champions, profiles of people doing important work on commons; Commons in
 > Action, that focuses on local commons work around the country and
the world; and
 > Commons in the News, highlights of commons issues in both mainstream and
 > independent media.  You'll continue to find blogs and essays
exploring new ideas
 > and important developments related to the commons.
 > Another major change is a new name for the organization that launched
 > OntheCommons.org. Tomales Bay Institute is changing its name to On
the Commons.
 > We hope that our new name will better communicate our mission and attract new
 > partners and friends to help in this work.
 > To expand our coverage of the commons, Jay Walljasper is joining me
as an editor
 > of OntheCommons.org.  Jay has a rich and varied background in magazines,
 > including Utne Reader, where he was Editor for 15 years, and Ode
magazine, where
 > is currently a Senior Editor.  On the Commons coordinator Kathleen
Maloney joins
 > the site as Managing Editor.  On the Commons Managing Fellow Julie Ristau,
 > former publisher of Utne Reader, played a critical role in shepherding the
 > website redesign to completion and also joins the editorial team.
 > We also think of you as part of the team.  It is our fervent desire that
 > OntheCommons.org become a place for conversation and community. We
consider you,
 > our current readers, to be at the forefront of new thinking on cultural and
 > economic ideas.  You are the leading players in a movement for
social connection
 > and political reconstruction.  So we encourage you to offer ideas
about material
 > on the site and get involved. If you have any questions, suggestions or
 > criticisms, please send them along to us.
 > We want to thank Andrew Sloat of Drainage Ditch and his colleague
Renda Morton
 > for their fantastic design and programming of the website.  They have put
 > together a tremendously versatile and stylish site that will allow us to grow
 > and advance the cause of the commons.
 > David Bollier
 > Editor, OntheCommons.org
 > - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 > OnTheCommons.org is a project of On the Commons
 > http://www.onthecommons.org

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