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Hi all 
This is from an old thread, hopefully not too late, interested in other
people's thoughts. Was posting from the wrong address...
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David, thanks for the link.
I didn't find it overly subjective. Good food for thought. No surprises that
there are flaws in the CC licensing. But there are a lot of 'mights' and
'mays' in that document. Are TV companies actively breaking the spirit of CC
licensing and using material on air without permission, any more than they
do with copyrighted work? 
It has never been easier to signpost non-attributed material, regardless of
the license, and in my experience CC media creators still get asked
permission. Is the ACC perhaps laying it on a bit thick? 
>Further, when it comes to the 'NonCommercial' licences, the prohibition
relates only to uses of the relevant work 'in a manner that is
> primarily intended or directed toward commercial advantage or private
monetary compensation' (my emphasis). This wording still
> allows—without payment—any business or corporation to use your work in
items such as corporate gifts, calendars, publications and
> websites, and in any other way that might only secondarily achieve a
commercial advantage. 
What is CC doing to addressing these concerns in public?
This distinction over primary and secondary intention towards commercial
advantage is certainly interesting. I'd like to hear more on that with
regards to use on free-to-air TV and in shopping malls. How can this be
legal if the license specifies that there be attribution?
What actual examples of 'blatantly commercial uses' that are cited, of
Attribution Non-Commercial license material, have been tested in court? 
As a producer of CC licensed work I'm a lot less interested in the academic
debate than what our up-to-the-minute options are with regards to actual or
perceived breaches of licensing. 
Surely all this Semantic Web nonsense can help CC license authors to sort
out the legal hacks the old guard are so scared of...

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I just read the ACC's paper on Creative Commons here:

I'm a fan of Creative Commons, but not a one-eyed lunatic.
I also paid attention to the statement of the ACC's objectives at the end.

Did anyone find it to be something other than the subjective attack like I
found the other article Brianna cited?

Both those papers on CC thoroughly contradict the ACC's objectives. I'm just
wondering if I've got my head full of CC sand.

I would find it very hard to request my employer to cough up the lavish
total$ to attend all of these sessions in addition to my time, given ACC
HQ's path seems very crooked.


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Hello folks,

Some events of interest:

I recall that the ACC is quite negative towards CC licenses (e.g.
<HYPERLINK "http://www.copyright.org.au/pdf/acc/articles_pdf/a06n04.htm"
but I suppose these sessions would still be quite interesting and useful.


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