[cc-au] Copyright - Review of Extension of Legal Deposit (submissions by 11/01/08)

David havefunbegood at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 12:44:40 EDT 2008

This submission date has long gone, I was wondering if anyone here made a
submission to this review?

While looking into the ACC's board and constituency, I found this negative
submission by the Copyright Australia Limited (CAL) revenue agency.

The CAL submission struck a chord with anti-public domain examples cited by
Lawrence Lessig in his Free Culture book, as he reviews USA copyright
history and ultimate death of public domain.

The pertinent example was the change in legal deposit for copyright (MPAA
and Warner-Brothers involved iirc) where the material no longer had to be
submitted to national library.  Only required that a copy be held by the
copyright owner, not a centralised repository, and no redundancy.  Following
from that the perpetual extensions of copyright terms to persons and
corporations, deceased estates etc. means the last century of popular
culture is not guaranteed to ever see the public domain.

If the USA scenario sounds unlikely... a local example I can cite is a fire
at a TV studio destroyed part of an archive of sporting matches which
originally were under exclusive broadcast rights, but under a 14 to 28year
copyright period with parallel legal submission to a national archive may
not have been lost.

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