[cc-au] copyright council

Jamison Young jam at jamyoung.net
Mon Mar 10 15:37:47 EDT 2008

> == Australian Copyright Council "copyright training" sessions ==
> <http://www.copyright.org.au/training/training-2008/training2008.htm>
> These courses are held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth,
> Melbourne, Sydney.

Keep in mind that Brett Cottle chief executive of APRA is on the  
board of the copyright council.

APRA represent the rights of the major publishers via way of the  
voting structure they have in place. For every 500 dollars that an  
artist or publisher collect they receive an extra vote. My view is  
that none of  the people on the board of the copyright council  
(meaning the organizations that those on the board represent when  
they make a vote) stand to gain from more art being distributed under  
any creative commons license. I have not checked out what was written  
this year, yet what i read last year was extremely negative about CC.

Its worth checking out what the copyright council say about creative  
commons prior to paying some dollars out to hear what the copyright  
council have ready to serve you up.

The copyright council is funded through the arts council, most  
automatically form the view therefore that this organization is here  
to represent the interests of artists. My view is that like APRA the  
copyright council is another front for the publishing industry.

Not sure why CC.au is asking people on this list to pay? Is CC.au  
funded through the some source?



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