[cc-au] Qld govt geospatial data CC release?

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Hey Brianna

A reply from Neale Hooper of the Queensland Treasury (who's in charge of their government licensing project) below.

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Hi Brianna,

The relevant Queensland Government project (GILF- Government Information
Licensing Framework) has not progressed quite as far as the account to you
might indicate but we certainly are on the way.

The account to you certainly does capture the broad spirit and intent of
our ongoing work on improving licensing practices including examining open
access through utilising CC licences.

I am directly involved with others in this GILF work.

We are progressing broadly towards an open access outcome ultimately not
only in relation to geospatial (ie mapping) information (much of which in
Queensland resides  in the Department of Natural Resources and Water) but
all types of information and data created and held by government
departments and agencies.

At the same time, governments clearly need to be careful about issues such
as confidentiality, privacy and certain legislative restrictions.

We think at present that about 15% or so of public sector information (PSI)
is affected by these limitations but this leaves the vast bulk available
for potential use in combination with open content licences such as CC

Yes, I agree about the overkill involved with the idea of information being
available "under all CC licences" as reported to you !

This might be a case of too much of good thing simply being too much - even
if it is CC.

We recently progressed through stage 3 of GILF and are now considering how
and where best to start implementing CC licences with government
information in a government agency.
Watch this space as they say.

The report for our stage 2 is at -


Recently in July 2007 we held a dynamic conference, with international
speakers including John Wilbanks of Science Commons, on Open Access to PSI.

The report is at -


In late 2007 we established strong connections, via Professors Brian and
Anne Fitzgerald and the legal research team at the Faculty of Law QUT, with
the UK and EU initiatives on access to and re-use of PSI.  As you are
likely to know iCommons/CC has its "home" in Australia at QUT, Brisbane.

For some very interesting stuff see their website at
www.oaklaw.qut.edu.au     and their various impressive initiatives
described there.

Additionally, the GILF project has very good working relationships with
several Federal government agencies including the Australian Bureau of
Statistics and the Office of Spatial Data Management in Geosciences
Australia. Some Federal funding has recently been secured through the
Cooperative Research Centre program and the CRC for Spatial Information in

Open access (OA), including the use of open content licences (eg CC) is a
global movement increasingly gaining momentum and the GILF project is
internationally acknowledged as making an important and innovative
contribution in the context of government information (PSI) - including
geospatial (mapping) informaton.

We will continue to publish the results of our work as it progresses to
further the level of understanding and knowledge about these vital issues.

I hope this gives you a bit of an idea of where we are with our Queensland
Government GILF project at present, its growing connections to other
initiatives both in Australia and abroad, and where we are headed with open
content licensing and CC licences in particular.



Neale Hooper
Principal Project Manager
Whole of Government Licensing Project
Office of Economic and Statistical Research
Queensland Treasury
Phone: (07) 303 30082  Fax: (07) 322 77437
email: neale.hooper at treasury.qld.gov.au

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At LCA (linux.conf.au) this week I went to a discussion about FOSS and
geospatial tools. It is something I am tangentially interested in so I
don't know a great deal about it.

It was mentioned almost in passing that the Queensland government is
going to (or has??) release a bunch of geospatial data under "all
Creative Commons licenses" (I have some doubts on this point since it
seems a little overkill, surely CC-BY is enough for maximum reuse?).

Anyway the relevant department seems to be
<http://www.qsic.qld.gov.au/QSIC/QSIC.nsf/>. Lacking the patience to
decode governmentspeak I was hoping someone might be able to point to
me to any document like a licensing policy or a press release. Seems
like a big deal??! If it has happened then I guess it would also be
worth mentioning on cc.org.au ?

... which makes me think it hasn't happened yet...

Insight welcome, please :)


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