[bittorrent] Question about uTorrent extensions (vote and ut_comment)

Adrian Ulrich torrent at blinkenlights.ch
Mon May 7 14:08:43 EDT 2012


I have some questions about the uTorrent dht-vote and the ut_comment extensions.

It would be great if someone of the uTorrent team could shed some light into this:

#1: Vote:

I've noticed that some uTorrent peers seem to re-send their (non-zero) vote quite often: Some peers even re-send the vote each 60 seconds.
Is this intentional?

#2: ut_comment:

msg_type=0 : What's the meaning of the 64 byte 'filter' value?


The reply that i get looks like this:

          "comments" => [
                            "like" => 0,
                            "owner" => "",
                            "timestamp" => "1331283959",
                            "text" => "great"
                            "like" => 0,
                            "owner" => "",
                            "timestamp" => 25193189,
                            "text" => "yeah!"
          "msg_type" => 1

Ok: msg_type, like and text are obvious, but what is the purpose of 'owner' and what is the meaning of 'timestamp' ?

The value of timestamp seems to be very variable and doesn't look like a real (unix-)timestamp: it ranges from 500000 up to 4000000000000000000.

Thanks and regards,

 RFC 1925:
   (11) Every old idea will be proposed again with a different name and
        a different presentation, regardless of whether it works.

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