[bittorrent] Client drops connection after Bitfield Message

André Martins andmart at gmail.com
Thu May 5 16:54:26 EDT 2011


I'm testing a bt client and I'm using Transmission bt client to test
communication using peer wire protocol.

After Handshake, Transmission sends a lazy bitfield with some have
messages grouped. I'm using wireshark to see the messages and it shows
the messages  grouped.
(If someone could explain to me, I'll appreciate. print screen

After that, it drops the connection. I tried send other messages( keep
alive, interested ) os just sit, wait some time e test the socket, but
nothing works.

My main question is why it is dropping the connection?

Is there a sequence to be followed? I'm know about the good
handshake(wrong infohash problem) and about bitfield messages(must be
sent before others messages and after handshake). Is anything I'm

Thanks in advance.

André Martins

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