[bittorrent] BitTorrent - Open or Public?

apropos at lavabit.com apropos at lavabit.com
Sat Jun 18 21:20:13 EDT 2011

Thanks for the link dpmott... it might be useful to people who did not 
read the BEPs carefully - as it is referenced by BEP-20 and one of the 
top result on the goo.

The point is only that a rewrite could have be made instead of having 
an, external, supplementary references. Only the client ID list has 
resulted in a BEP - a wiki or forum topic seems more the place to do so 
- as it somewhat freezes the client reference. Other details have been 
left aside...

It might seems like I critic a lot and do not share any ideas about how 
to I believe the situation the could be improved. Here are a couple :

1. Rewrite BEPs to make them easier to read (sectionize informations) 
and more specific (what is the expected result of sending CHOKE, NOT 
INTERESTED, etc) (some BEPs are fine ;). It would clearly display an 
interest toward the involvement of other developers (hobbyists and 
professionals) and students. Although I believe a "Rationale" section 
would be in the best interest, I think it should be left to the 
discretion of developers.

2. Clearly state the link between the BEP acceptance process and 
BitTorrent Inc. As stated in my first message, there is a strong 
relation between the two and I believe it is in the public interest to 
have the company states its position towards BitTorrent's evolution.

Arvid, why is none of the extensions you gave me links for are talked 
about on the forums?


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