[bittorrent] TCP Nat Traversal help request

Andrés Suero kaneda.uy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 18:30:28 EDT 2011

We are two students who are trying to do NAT Traversal through TCP. We 
found various free implementations of UDP NAT Traversal and some that 
talk about TCP over UDP but we are looking for pure TCP NAT Traversal. 
We found several papers talking about techniques of doing this but no 
implementation what so ever. Any reference to a library or program that 
implements this solution will be immensely appreciated.

We need this for our thesis, we are working with the Goalbit project in 
conjunction with the VLC group so we are looking for something under GPL 

Thanks in advance.

Andrés Suero and Federico Kouyoumdjian, Facultad de Ingeniería, 
Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

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