[bittorrent] bittorrent peers behind nat

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 18:25:23 EDT 2010

On 06/26/2010 10:28 AM, arvid at cs.umu.se was caught red-handed while writing::
> There's a branch of libtorrent (http://libtorrent.org) which implements uTP and
> the bittorrent NAT holepunch extension.
> The holepunch extension is quite simple and relies on the two NATed peers to
> share one peer (which typically would have to be externally accessible) which
> will help them connect to each other by synchronizing connect attempts.
> If you want to check it out, this is the branch:
> https://libtorrent.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libtorrent/branches/libtorrent_utp
> --
> Arvid Norberg
> Quoting giovanni.distasi at unina.it:
>>     Hi everyone,
>> we are dealing with the following network scenario: two private
>> wireless mesh networks, each of which behind a Linux machine acting as
>> nat. The addressing inside the mesh networks is private.
>> What we would like to support is a scenario where:
>> 1) mesh peers can transfer towards mesh peers inside the same mesh
>> network (using private addressing).
>> 2) mesh peers can transfer towards any peer which has a public ip
>> addresses (any host on the Internet)
>> 3) mesh peers can transfer towards mesh peers which are inside the
>> second mesh network
>> I think that some techniques of nat traversing are required. In our
>> case we can leverage tecniques where the control of the NAT router is
>> possible (which, as I said, are Linux box, or more precisely PlanetLab
>> boxes).
>> Can you give some hints on what tecnique we can use, and which
>> bittorrent client. The clients will have to run in OpenWRT boxes, so
>> clients like Ctorrent, Rtorrent or transmissioncli would be fine.
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Giovanni

I also see the Encryption branch:
which I am interested in.
How do I download the tarball for it, instead of file by file?
Or how about cvs or svn?

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